Eh ? Dah jadi tunang orang ke?

hye guys... Selamat berjumpa + bertemu kembali dalam entri kali ni.. hehehe... guess what i wanna story? mcm best ja tajuk kali ni? mcm suspen ja? ad rahsia lagi ka?
jeng-II...actually nothng happen...just wanna to share my sweet  moment.. some of my friends always ask me " wawa, hng ni da berpunya ka?" and the common question from my friends " wa, cincin yg ang dok pki lani tu cincin tunang ka?" i just only can silent and close my mouth from answering all the ques that has given to me. 
Wow... looks like that mcm ssh je nk jawab semua soalan tu. for me yes, because im too young and early to tell them about my engagement. take a time to tell them about that.  

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