OOH NO !!!! FINAL IS AROUND DE CONNER... I'am not ready yet.. what going on ???

Aduh !!!... FINAL.. why you came so early? i think last semester u came so late... i am not ready yet... how it can happen? 
1. too think about some think it will not happen to you..
2. too many thing playing around you.
3. too many problem.
4. too many excuse if to do project when you think it gave  trouble in your daily day..
5. never think that all project will gave you a FULL mark for you MKK..
and this all came to you and you think it NOT important for ur MKK..
and now you are not ready for your FINAL..
yups.. but i need to make it correct... MINDSET back for your brain..
this is will be the last thing you need to do with yourself...
OK !!!..
now.. you need push yourself to STUDY HARD... 
remember... 2 weeks more for FINAL..
then FINAL EXAM will came on 29 OCTOBER...
chayok for de FINAL... do and be the best !!! 


With my title you guess what play in my mind??

heheh... i had one friends that wearing the braces.. so when i looking to her teeth it look so beautiful teeth... so i think i wanna wearing it? so guys? u think what?

wanna see it? here i'll show to you guys...

Look... it really gorgeous right? i wanna my teeth look more gorgeous like this... i means more regular.. so it will make me more CONFIDENT to gave a presentation to the audience, talk to the people, n most important more CONFIDENT when meet someone...

hehehe... see it..
by the way.. if u want to wearing it u need to think it more AND more.. why? because it requires a many cost.. i means here a large cost to do.. its  may takes  RM4K to 8 k..  so many right.. but if for u its not a large cost you can wearing it.. RM 4K for your teeth and for whole your life.. daaa..


I always thinking about my own self..
sometimes i think why i need to be like this way...
what i should be?
but i know Allah already write it for me..
so now...
i really grateful.. 
be my Self in this way ....


hye guys...
i think dah lame rasenya sy xupdate blog kan..
hehehe... r u miss me?
hhehe.. xde la.. im just fooling around.... i took a few times to look my blog.. coming up my FINAL will come to me.. argg.. ouch.. i dunt ready yet.. i feel so nervous.. for two left day in FINAL i've two killer paper to answer.. dunno either i can answer or not...
btw now,
i've new BF..
u all guess what?
its not a boy or girl.. but is my new STUFF.. my parents brought it for me.. seriously.. i never think i can got it because it too expensive  ...
 now i can took a many picture.. opss... i really want be a photographe.. yesss.. that what i want.. wish me oke..