With my title you guess what play in my mind??

heheh... i had one friends that wearing the braces.. so when i looking to her teeth it look so beautiful teeth... so i think i wanna wearing it? so guys? u think what?

wanna see it? here i'll show to you guys...

Look... it really gorgeous right? i wanna my teeth look more gorgeous like this... i means more regular.. so it will make me more CONFIDENT to gave a presentation to the audience, talk to the people, n most important more CONFIDENT when meet someone...

hehehe... see it..
by the way.. if u want to wearing it u need to think it more AND more.. why? because it requires a many cost.. i means here a large cost to do.. its  may takes  RM4K to 8 k..  so many right.. but if for u its not a large cost you can wearing it.. RM 4K for your teeth and for whole your life.. daaa..

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